Crossword No. 4100: Table-turning by Kea

Symmetry: 180 degree (except for a few half-bars)

Size: 140 cells

One-third of the answers must have a letter inserted on entry and one-third a letter removed. The entry is often jumbled, and the wordplay indicates the jumbled entry. (Answers start with the same letter as the clue.) No two adjacent clues are of the same type. The special letters, and the initial letters for normal clues, spell out “Cut in three along grid lines; connect as new oblong”. When this is done correctly, a new grid appears with the row and column counts exchanged, and the perimeter contains the second line of “Our meddling intellect / Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things:— / We murder to dissect” from Wordsworth’s The Tables Turned, as well as the poet’s surname.

Neal Morgan (London N13)
F R C Dunn (Northallerton, North Yorkshire)
Mark Whitaker (Ilkley, West Yorkshire)