Growing Pains by Dipper

Puzzle explanation

Clue types and locations of displaced definitions and entries are shown below.

The first letters of the extra words spelt “under the shed”, requiring solvers to highlight “Allium porrum” (Latin for leek) hidden in the grid beneath “lean-to”, also to be highlighted. The unqualified “Allium” was not acceptable, since it is a generic name covering, among other vegetables, onion which was one of the set of 12 defined by extra words and phrases. The leek is one of the commonest competition vegetables and was therefore a significant omission from that set; the Latin name is given in its entry in Chambers Dictionary.

Clue explanations

Conventions: * = anagram, < = reversal

No Extra word,
Entry (Answer) Definition/Explanation
1 6dn BASHLIK [of bone] il < in CIA*
8 ugli PEPO PEP + O’
11 cabbage ENTAIL [stolen cloth] (INTO PLEATS – SPOT*)*
12 32dn CURARE [Concubines and wives can be found in this] HARI(-kari) + M; incorrect form of “hara-kiri’
13 8dn STOT [royal estate] MOPED* about (R + IN + C(ul-de-sac))
14 28dn DIORITES [burn in] INJURE– J(ust)
15 kale PIERS [dinner in Scotland] Homophone (PEERS)
18 aubergine SNEDS [purple] SENDS*
20 19dn ACT [Small slip of wood] SPELL + I CAN
21 16dn ACNE [You see these at night when driving] EARL in RAMPS
22 Newcastle TRIALS TRAILS with AI reversed
24 turnip TESTE [Watch] TEST before E(xamine)
25 23dn TORRS [with steps] (C + AL) in SAR
26 Dedicated CUDGEL C(o)U(l)D + GEL
27 experts PILE PE(g) about LI <
30 rampaging ANT First letters: Across Nest Termites
33 21ac RENAL [Spots] N(ephritis) in ACE
34 35ac UMAMI [Acidic salt] (LUM + B(ronze)) in (PAT + E)
35 36dn PLUMBATE [Itch] Hidden
37 pea ERIC [piece of coal] Hidden
38 thinking TORPOR TORR(s) about PO; see entry at 25ac
39 20ac RUMINA [to play a part] Anagram of first letters: Colic Appears To
40 beet USES [Improve] (ho)USES
41 10dn SOKEMEN [to settle beforehand] (PETER around RED) + MINE
1 handicap BESPATTER BETTER around (SP + A); reference SP = starting price
2 39ac ANTIGROPELOS [more than one stomach] RAIN* around (cr)UM(my)
3 marrow STOEP [Couple] STOP around E(legant)
4 carrot HAT [incentive] Hidden; reference Perth in Australia
5 electronic LID Hidden reversed
6 12ac ILIAC [Poison] AR(t) in CURE
7 swede BURSA [Scandinavian] BURS + A
8 2dn PRINCEDOM [waterproof leggings] REGAL POSITION* – I
9 steel EATEN EA + TEN(sed)
10 34ac PREDETERMINE [taste] U + MAM + I
12 bean COPTIC [Head] C+ IC after TOP*
16 1ac REAR LAMPS [Russian hood] (LIKE – E) after BASH
17 sprout SALS [New growth] ’S + (b)ALS(a)
19 25ac SPELLICAN [At least two millimetres of mercury] (FORESTER – F – E – E)*
23 33ac SCALAR [of the kidneys] R + LANE <
24 harms TUTU TU(p) twice
28 14ac INURE [Rocks] DIS around (O + RITE)
29 extended ELBOW (LOW around B) after (exercis)E
31 onion NITRO [WWI rocket] NITR(e) + O
32 41ac HARIM [Feudal tenants] EM in (SO + KEN)
36 13ac EUK [Steer] S(cratching) T(oe) before OT
37 distant EME Hidden
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