Crossword No. 3679: Author by Sabre

Symmetry: None

Size: 169 cells

Subsidiary indications in 15 across clues involve extra letters, spelling THE VALLEY OF FEAR; 15 down clues contain superfluous words, whose initial letters spell “NAPOLEON OF CRIME”; unclued lights are TREATISE and BINOMIAL THEOREM. The other work known to have been written by Professor Moriarty is The DYNAMICS of an ASTEROID, the two words giving eight pairs appearing as clashes in the grid. Central row contains N Q XG OI CBH R S GH, giving numerical values 14 17 247 159 328 18 19 78; using the code described in The Valley of Fear which entails taking appropriately numbered words in a text (here The Final Problem, mentioned in the preamble) gives the message “Write last letters of modified words in scarlet”. This enables the determination of which letter to be entered at each clash, since the final letters of misprinted lights, read left to right, spell MORIARTY.

Ascot Gold Cup Winner