A few of the earliest Listener puzzles have been reproduced HERE. These are Crossword No 1, the first puzzle with an unusual grid shape, the most famous Latin puzzle, an early Christmas puzzle, and the first mathematical puzzle.

The list below gives access to the titles and setters for all puzzles up to the present, although statistical information will not be available until some time after a puzzle’s appearance. The puzzles are split according to the year of publication. In each year’s file the column headed ‘√’ provides the number of correct submissions, when known. (When prizes were eventually limited to the first five or three correct entries opened, this is shown by ‘5+’ or ‘3+’, unless there were insufficient correct entries.) The column headed ‘More’ contains ‘X’ or ‘P S’ that can be ‘clicked’ to access some other information about the puzzle, such as the size, the symmetry and the theme; prizewinners have been added for the time since they were drawn at random. If the cell contains ‘XX’ it signals that some extra facts are known about the puzzle, eg, an account of the errors made by solvers. The new ‘P S’ option allows separate access to information about the puzzle (P) and full clue-by-clue solution notes (S); this commenced mid-2007.

See the text that follows the list for alternative sources of the data. It also provides an explanation for some abbreviations used in the puzzle files.

The text in the puzzle files uses some shorthand references to standard devices:

A list of all puzzles from No 0 (or 1) to 4014 (end-2008) is also available, in two formats.

Thanks are due to Ross Lawther for collecting and providing the full list of puzzles, and to the Listener statisticians for the full statistical record.