Two trophies, generously donated by Ascot, are awarded annually: the Solver Silver Salver and the Ascot Gold Cup.

Solver Silver Salver

The Solver Silver Salver is awarded to the Listener solver who has sent the most correct puzzles during the year.

The skill and persistence of Listener solvers is such that several often complete every puzzle successfully and it is necessary to go back a year or more to find the solver with the longest all-correct run. As of the end of 2013, the current record-holder is Adrian Mylward, with a run of 191 consecutive correct entries (from No 4084 to No 4274).

If the leading solver in a year has already won the Solver Silver Salver in a previous year, it is now traditional for the award to be ceded to the next highest-placed solver.

Ascot Gold Cup

This, in reality a Silver Rose Bowl, is awarded to the most admired Listener puzzle during the year. This is decided on by the winner of the Solver Silver Salver, often in partnership with other top solvers for the year. The 2005 winner was Kea.

The table below lists all winners to date. Other all-correct solvers in each year (and sometimes puzzles placed 2nd and 3rd) can be found in the Annual Statistics, particularly the Dinner reports. Click on the puzzle number to find out more about it.

Year Solver Silver Salver Ascot Gold Cup Setter No
1987–88 R T Baxter No Clues Mime
1988–89 P Bailey A Three Pipe Problem Law
1989–90 J R Beresford Cretan Bull Phi
1991 A F Bishop Merry Mazes Sabre
1992 H Blanco White Players Law
1993 Dr D J Flower Whodunnit 3: Locked Room Mystery Mime
1994 J W Leonard New Year’s Resolution Dimitry
1995 G B Hinde Hangover Plausus
1996 G Mullineux Up and Down Doubleshooter
1997 D W Arthur All Square Dimitry
1998 D McNeill A Marvellous Game Columba
1999 C J & M P Butler Scans Peeper
2000 S R Rice Playfair Dolos
2001 J P S & E A Ruff Trick or Treat Dimitry
2002 S Tarrant Author Sabre
2003 R P C Forman No Turning Back Ark
2004 S Anthony Koeql Haeospo Elgin
2005 M Goodliffe Safe-cracking Kea
2006 D & N Aspland Olde Treasure Hunt Merlin
2007 S Long King Rebel
2008 J R Daddow Conflict Resolution Kea
2009 N Talbott Admission Kea
2010 J Reardon Sine Qua Non Shackleton
2011 P Sant Carte Blanche with a Twist Mash
2012 A Mylward Duet for One Bandmaster
2013 S Melen Elm Quinapalus

In 2011, all-correct solver P Sant delivered his votes for the 2010 Ascot Gold Cup as a “re-imagining” of the White Knight’s song (actually line for line) from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, a quotation from which formed the basis of Listener Crossword 4104, Merchandise by Adam. The poem is available as a PDF document here.

At the 2012 dinner, he summarised the 2011 puzzles in a pastiche of Rudyard Kipling’s poem If…, which is available here.